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Join the Multy Community! We are always looking for feedback and contributors!

💬 Join the discussion on our community Discord Channel!

💡 Raise any feedback/ideas as a GitHub Issue.

⭐️ Star the repository to spread the word!

💻 Finally, contribute to the open-source projects!

Open Source

Open-source is at the core of Multy. For Multy to succeed, it requires constant feedback from developers. This is so we can ensure that the abstractions are being done properly and the roadmap for new supported features/services are prioritised based on community feedback.

If you have any feedback or ways Multy could be better, let us know through our public channels or reach out directly at!


Multy - This project is the brains of the tool, where the translation is performed and where Multy resources are translated into the specific cloud resources.

Terraform Provider - The Multy terraform provider allows you to deploy resources through the Terraform tool.

Docs - This repo is where our docs are located for